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Green Valley Hospital: A Community Need Met

Green Valley, Ariz., has consistently been rated one of the nation's top places to live for retirees. However, residents had to rely on hospitals in Tucson, Ariz., close to an hour — at times — for treatment. This May marked the turning point with the opening of the first hospital in town, called the Green Valley Hospital — located at 4455 S. 1-19 Frontage Road, Green Valley — about 40 minutes from Tucson.

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With a mission to deliver the finest-quality healthcare to the community's residents, the development of Green Valley Hospital came about as the result of a unique partnership between international, state and local parties, delivering a full-service, acute-care hospital that provides services and amenities similar to larger metropolitan hospitals.

Under the ownership of McDowell, LLC, of Scottsdale, Ariz., the architecture firm, Swaim Associates Architects, developed a comprehensive building and campus complex plan that covers more than 21 acres and includes complete hospital and ancillary services. Bene Harrison of interior design firm, BHIDP Commercial Interior Design, supported the direction of the owner's vision of a modern and clean "hotel" vibe by creating a comprehensive color and paint finish schedule, along with a design aesthetic to meet the demands.

Green Valley Hospital Color Palette


Administration/Gift Shop/Chapel


 Lobby/Community Room/Lab/Pharmacy





 Surgery Waiting


 With great support from the owner, architect firm and staff, Harrison created a functional and beautiful space for staff and patients to enjoy in this growing community.  

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